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How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower: Games, Ideas, and Invitations

Modern times call for modern measures, and virtual baby showers are growing in popularity. If loved ones live far away or if gathering in person is not possible or convenient for whatever reason, a virtual baby shower can be a nice way to celebrate the arrival of a little one and show support for the expectant parents.

Here’s your ultimate guide to planning a virtual baby shower, including all kinds of ideas for games, invitations, decorations, and more. Whether you’re the host of the shower or the lucky parents-to-be, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is a Virtual Baby Shower?

A virtual baby shower is one that's held online instead of in person. It can be hosted by anyone; often, the host is a close friend or family member.

Although a virtual baby shower may have its limitations, it’s a great solution for when friends and family can’t be in the same physical place at once. You can make a virtual baby shower just as memorable as an in-person event by adding a few special touches that we’ll explain in this article.


Keep in mind that a virtual baby shower doesn’t have to replace an in-person baby shower — there can be two showers! For example, the parents-to-be might like an in-person shower for a smaller group of family and friends, and a virtual baby shower for those who can’t be there in person.

Although you might think that virtual just isn’t the same, or worry about a conversational pause or how make sure everyone has a good time, people are getting more and more used to online events, and we’ve got some game ideas and other ideas on how to keep your virtual baby shower flowing.

A virtual baby shower is held online with the “venue” being a dedicated group video call platform, like Zoom, or a social media platform that allows group video calls.

Who Hosts a Virtual Baby Shower?

A virtual baby shower can be hosted by anyone. Frequently a close friend or family member of the parent-to-be offers to do this or may be asked to do this.

If you're the host and would like to split the responsibilities, you could take on the organizing and planning duties, and then ask someone else to be the online emcee, which could entail welcoming and introducing guests as they log in, leading the games, delivering a toast, and basically directing the flow of the party.

A virtual baby shower can be hosted by anyone, such as a family member or a close friend of the parents-to-be.

”Venues” for a Virtual Baby Shower

As you may have guessed, a virtual baby shower takes place online. Anyone with a good Internet connection and a web camera can attend; guests can attend with just audio as well if they don’t have a camera or prefer not to turn it on.

You have lots of choices when it comes to choosing an online platform or app for your virtual event. Some, like Zoom, are free but limit the amount of time and/or attendees. Others are free and may already be familiar, like Facebook. There are also websites dedicated to hosting virtual baby showers.

When you send out the invitations, make sure you mention the platform you’re using along with a link to the event itself. Include additional instructions (such as recommending that an app be downloaded beforehand, or that the event “room” will only be “open” when the exact time of the event rolls around) for any not-so-tech-savvy guests

You might think about hooking your computer up to a TV so you can see all the attendees on the big screen.

Many platforms offer extra features you might like to consider. For example, you could ask everyone to use a special virtual background.

Good to know: Many platforms allow you to upload an image to use as a background around your silhouette, so you might like to design one and attach it to the baby shower invitation so your guests can download it and have it ready to use.

Here are some of the tech logistics to think about when organizing a virtual baby shower:

  • What platform to host the virtual baby shower on
  • Whether there are any time limits or guest number limits
  • What specific instructions to send with the invitation so everyone can join the event with ease
  • Whether or not you’d like everyone to use a specific filter or background

How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower

As the host, your first job will be to select a date and time for your event, which means consulting with the parents-to-be. Once you've done that, here’s everything else you and the expectant parents will need to do to plan a virtual baby shower:

Set Up the Gift Registry

As a parent, you'll want to create and finalize your baby shower registry ahead of time, so it's all set to go before the invitations to your virtual shower are sent out.

One method is to select your favorite online retailer that allows you to set up a registry, and choose the items you’d like. You could also go with one of many dedicated registry websites that allow you to list items from multiple retailers.

When you've completed your registry, share the link with your host, who will probably include it in the shower invitation. If your home address is not included in the online registry, make sure your host has that as well, so that gifts can be delivered straight to your home in time for the virtual baby shower

Create a Pampers Diaper Stash

In addition to having a traditional registry, as the parent-to-be you might like to set up a Pampers Diaper Stash. A Pampers Diaper Stash is a fun way for your loved ones to give you money for your baby’s diapers and wipes. It’s basically a diaper fund for your baby!

Here's How Pampers Diaper Stash works:


Create your Stash. You can get started by clicking below button


Share with friends and family. Spread the word via email, text, social media, or in baby shower or baby sprinkle invitations


Watch your Stash grow. It’s simple for friends and family to contribute, with no need to register. And they’ll love how easy it is to show their support with the gift every parent needs—diapers!


Use your Stash funds to buy Pampers diapers and wipes. Purchase online from major retailers via our online store, or scan receipts to get reimbursed—direct to your personal bank account—for Pampers products bought elsewhere.

Do You Open Gifts at a Virtual Baby Shower?

In-person baby showers usually last several hours, so there’s normally plenty of time for opening gifts. A virtual baby shower might last just 60 to 90 minutes, so the unboxing of gifts might need to be skipped. It's also a good idea to check with the parents about when they would like to open their gifts.

Here are three options for opening gifts at a virtual baby shower:

  • The parents-to-be open the gifts in advance, thanking everyone during the virtual event
  • They open the gifts during the virtual event, especially if time isn’t limited
  • They open the gifts after the virtual event.

If gifts will be opened before or after the shower, the parents could record an “unboxing” video and share it with guests so they still get the chance to experience this moment.

Plan the Virtual Baby Shower’s Timeline

Depending on the online platform or app you’re using, you may have a time limit, especially if you’re using a free service. Take this into account when planning the timeline of your virtual event.

You may also have to take into account that you may not be able to keep everyone entertained for longer than two hours, so 90 minutes may be ideal.

Here’s a sample timeline you might consider:

  • 5 to 10 mins. Welcome guests and chit-chat with early birds. If not all of the guests have met, ask guests to introduce themselves — this can help break the ice
  • 10 to 15 mins. Parents-to-be update guests on their pregnancy, if they choose to do so
  • 5 mins. A virtual toast to the parents-to-be, presented by the host or emcee
  • 10 to 20 mins. Start the baby shower games or group activities
  • 30 mins. Time for opening gifts (if this will be done during the event) and thanking each guest
  • 5 to 10 mins. Well wishes and goodbyes.

Keep in mind that these time frames are just suggestions. Go with the flow on the day and don’t worry if things go a little off-script. The key to a fantastic virtual baby shower is providing attendees the chance to catch up and to shower the expectant parents with love and support.

Make a Guest List and Send Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

Since it’s a virtual party, it makes sense to send the invitations virtually! Unless of course you have your heart set on mailing more formal paper invitations

One option is to use a free online invitation service to send out your invites — these services may have some great design options to choose from. Or you could set up a private Facebook group for your invitees, and decorate the page with the theme of your event. Email also works!

Give yourself—and your guests—lots of lead time by sending your invitations out at least a month in advance. This also gives guests enough time to order gifts, and increases the likelihood that they won’t have other prior commitments.

The invitations are your best opportunity to share all the information about the event and are a handy way to request any information you may need from your guests. Here's what you may want to include or ask for:

  • The shower date and time. (Be sure to list the end time as well. Online events can be more tiring and you don’t want anyone to run out of steam.)
  • A link to the event on the online platform or app you’ve chosen along with any sign-in instructions.
  • A link to the baby registry or Pampers Diaper Stash.
  • An attached background image for everyone to upload if you’d like each guest to have one of these and if the platform allows it
  • A link to your online guest book, if you’re having one.
  • Any other special requests you have; for example, what color guests should wear, what filter to use, or whether you’d like guests to prepare a specific type of food or drink in advance.
  • If you plan to home-deliver refreshments to your guests, ask for their home address if you don’t have it already.

Create a Virtual Baby Shower Guest Book

At an in-person baby shower, guests have the opportunity to include a handwritten card along with their gift or to write a special message in a guest book.

For a virtual baby shower, you could set up an online group greeting card or online guest book, and then add a link to it in the invitation so guests can write a short message ahead of the shower.

These online greeting card platforms are simple to use, and guests don’t have to subscribe or create a membership to add their messages.

Food and Drinks for a Virtual Baby Shower

Refreshments are typically an important part of an in-person baby shower, and there's no reason you can’t have special food and drinks at your virtual baby shower as well! It just might take a bit more effort on the part of your guests. Since you can’t be together in person to share in some delicious eats, you might like to ask each guest to prepare something in advance so you can all enjoy similar foods during the shower.

  • For drinks, suggest a type of sparkling wine or send out a cocktail or mocktail recipe that everyone can make in advance. This allows one and all to have a fun shared experience “together” even while celebrating virtually. Plus, it ensures each guest has a drink ready to toast with
  • For food, include a few easy recipes for appetizers or desserts guests can make. You could also ask guests to prepare whatever they’d like. No matter what it is, having a few bites to eat helps everyone get in the spirit of things
  • Consider having food and drinks delivered to your guests. If your budget allows, you could go all out and have something delivered to each guest. Perhaps order some cupcakes for each guest from a bakery in their area. In terms of drinks, some areas also have cocktail couriers that deliver everything your guests need to create a delicious cocktail. No matter what you decide to deliver, your guests will be delighted when the doorbell rings!

Decide on a Virtual Baby Shower Theme and Decorations

A theme, and the decorations that go along with it, are optional for a virtual event—after all, guests will only see the wall behind you if you aren’t using a special filter or background image. On the other hand, decorating the wall might be lots of fun, and will help set the tone for your baby shower.

Here are some decoration ideas for your virtual baby shower:

  • Hang up a store-bought backdrop or make your own; hang some balloons; or hang crepe paper, a garland, or a baby shower sign such as “Welcome baby!”

  • Design a virtual backdrop yourself, or ask a friend to help, and attach the image when you send the invitation

  • If you want to go all out, you could order small decoration kits (including streamers and balloons, for example) for your guests so they can decorate the wall behind them as well. It will definitely help everyone get into a festive mood!

  • Before the baby shower starts, turn the camera on to double check that your decorations are visible behind you

Plan Virtual Baby Shower Games

These are some baby shower game ideas that work really well virtually:

  • Guess the price. Hold up different baby items (like a bottle, pacifier, bib, etc.) and have guests guess the price. This will be especially fun if multi-generational guests are involved as they can attest to a time when these items cost much less. The guest who guesses the price closest to the actual amount can win a prize.
  • Guess the lullaby. Play a few seconds of a well-known lullaby, nursery rhyme, or baby song and have guests guess the title
  • Who is the baby? Ask guests to send you baby pictures of themselves beforehand (add this request to the baby shower invitation). Then, during the virtual event, play a slideshow of all the baby photos and have guests shout out who they think it is.
  • How well do you know the parents-to-be? Have guests ask questions about the parents-to-be, such as “What’s your favorite color” or “What’s your favorite flower?” And have guests chime in or raise a hand if they know the answer. Keep score of who gets the most correct answers.

    If you decide to give out game prizes, stay with the virtual theme and send electronic gift cards to the winners. It’s the thought that counts, so you don’t need to go overboard with the amount—a $5 or $10 gift card would be fine, for example.

Organizing a virtual baby shower can include similar tasks as the in-person equivalent. This includes sending invitations, as well as choosing games, decorations, food and drinks, and game prizes.

Virtual Baby Shower Checklist

Using a baby shower checklist will help you stay on top of all the details.

Here’s a sample checklist of the important things you will need to do as the host or the guest of honor, the parent-to-be, at a virtual baby shower:


Check in with to the parent-to-be about any preferences she has for the event. You’ll need to discuss things like who should be on the guest list, whether she’d like the baby’s gender revealed, and whether she’d like to open gifts before, during, or after the event. As the parent, set up a gift registry and/or Pampers Diaper Stash Choose the venue for the virtual event (e.g., an online meeting platform or app, or social media site that allows group video calls)


Double check any limitations of the platform (like time or guest limits) and find out whether guests need to sign up or download anything beforehand, or whether they’ll just need to click on the event link to join


Finalize the guest list


Pick the date and time for the virtual baby shower, consulting with the parent-to-be. Make sure you allow enough time for guests to order gifts and have them delivered before the event. If your guests will be joining from multiple time zones, ensure the time works for everyone.


Pick a theme or create a background design, if you’d like to


Write and send invitations


Plan any baby shower games


If you’d like to home-deliver special food or drinks to guests, collect their addresses and find a delivery service in their area


Not all of your guests will enjoy talking with the video on as it’s easy to get “camera shy” in that context but if you send notice ahead of time about some topics that might come up, like the best advice they got as parents or the best memories they have of their own parents, they might feel more confident and willing to speak up. With your encouragement, even a shy guest might say a few supportive words to the parents-to-be, which will help make it feel like a more traditional in-person baby shower.


Decide when you would like to open gifts. If it’s before or after the event, don’t forget to record the unboxing.


Before you go live, put any decorations up, make sure your tech is working, ensure any props you need for games are good to go, and send a reminder to your guests with the link to the event. Make sure the parent-to-be has some special food and drinks to celebrate.


Record the event through the online platform or app (if the platform allows it and if your guests are OK with being recorded). This will be a special keepsake in the years to come.


After the baby shower, double check that everyone has signed the online guest book and send it to the expectant parents. And, if you’d like, you could also send out party favors virtually, like online gift cards or a subscription to an online magazine or website.

If you’d like, print out the following checklist and keep it handy while you’re planning the event:

The Bottom Line

Planning a virtual baby shower is in some ways easier than planning an in-person event, but it still takes some pre-planning and organizing.

First, decide on a platform to host the event, make sure the parents have set up a gift registry or the Pampers Diaper Stash, and send your virtual baby shower invitations

Second, organize some decorations, games, and prizes. Think about what you would like to do for food and drinks, and whether you'd like to ask someone to help emcee the event to keep the flow moving.

And third, sit back and enjoy as the virtual baby shower unfolds. The parents-to-be and their loved ones will be happy and grateful to be celebrating together, and to have this occasion to remember for years to come.