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Boost your Stash! Earn $10 in bonus cash for every $100 added to the Stash balance between 6/01/24 - 8/30/24 promotio ...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a Stash

Twins or other multiples can be included in your Stash account by checking the "Having twins or more?" box when you create your Stash, and selecting the number of multiples. Your Stash goal will be adjusted to reflect the number of children born on the same day.

Redeeming Gift Stashes

To claim a Gift Stash, please follow these steps:
1. Register a Diaper Stash account (or login to your existing Diaper Stash account).
Important: When registering your Diaper Stash account, be sure to use the recipient email address that was used when setting up your Gift Stash. (Ask your Gift Stash organizer if you're not sure). If you already have an account with a different email, update the Gift Stash email in your Account Settings. For more information see the General > Your Account section of the FAQ's.
2. Create a Stash for yourself.
3. Find your Gift Stash in "My Diaper Stash" and tap or click "I'll claim it now".
4. If you have multiple stashes, you'll be prompted to select the Stash where you'd like the contributions and personal messages to be shown.
5. Enter your 5-digit Gift PIN to unlock the Gift Stash (if you do not have the PIN, please reach out to the gift organizer).

Managing Your Stashes

Click or tap the pencil icon on your Stash page to edit your Stash, and toggle your Stash Visibility to "Not Discoverable Via Search" if you don't want your Stash to be visible to anyone searching the Diaper Stash site. Toggle back to make your Stash visible again.

Ordering Online

Inventories are managed by retailers and we always display the most accurate product availability we can, but very rarely a product may go out of stock between the time you select your product and the time a retailer confirms your order. In this case, we will refund the amount of the cancelled order to your Diaper Stash balance so you can choose a different product or retailer. The refund may take up to 5 business days to appear in your balance. Additionally, be sure to check your address for accuracy - the Diaper Stash program does not support PO Box address.

Your Orders

You will receive a confirmation email from the retailer with the order and shipment details. Any tracking information, if available, will only be found on the retailer's website.

Receipt Upload & Reimbursement

If your Stash balance doesn't fully cover the purchase amount, you'll only be reimbursed up to the amount of Funds in your Stash. Keep in mind that you won't be able to submit the same receipt again after it's been partially reimbursed in this way.

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Closing Your Collection

Once you are ready to close your gift stash collection and share with the recipient, you can click on the "I've finished collecting" button on the gift stash details page. You will then be prompted to confirm if you want to close and will be reminded of the implications in closing a gift stash.

Creating a Gift Stash


To create a Gift Stash, you'll need to provide the following information:
- A Gift Stash name
- A closing date for contributions (up to 90 days from Gift Stash creation)
- A target amount (up to $3500)
- The recipient's name
- The recipient's email address
- The recipient's phone number (optional)

Managing Your Gift Stashes

Yes, you can raise a maximum of $3,500 per gift stash.

Sharing Your Gift Stash

When you close the collection, we'll create a Surprise Booklet that you can send digitally by email or print out a hard copy and present to the recipient in person.

The Surprise Booklet contains:

• The total amount raised
• The names of everyone who contributed to your Gift Stash
• Personal messages from the contributors
• A QR code and detailed instructions for claiming the Gift Stash.

You'll receive an email with the link to view and share the surprise booklet as soon as you close the Gift Stash collection. You'll also need to share a 5-digit Gift PIN (which you'll find on the stash details page) with the recipient, so that they can claim their Gift Stash securely.

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Finding a Stash

Your friend may have chosen not to make their Stash visible in searches. If you can't find a specific Stash account through search, reach out to your friend and ask for the direct link to their Stash page.

Contributing to a Stash

Limits are established on Diaper Stash accounts due to Federal Anti-Money Laundering rules from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).


Currently you can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit or debit cards to contribute to a Stash.




Don't worry! If you forgot your username, you can also use your email address to login.

Our Partners

Finigree is a technology platform that specializes in connecting banking payments systems to other systems. Pampers Diaper Stash uses the Finigree platform to help with the management of your Diaper Stash funds. You may see the Finigree logo or name throughout the platform, as they are helping Pampers bring this Diaper Stash experience to you.


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Terms & Conditions

You'll find the Diaper Stash Terms of Service here and also found in the footer of each page.

Your Account

Pampers Diaper Stash is an online diaper fund where friends and family can gift parents with all the diapers and wipes they need for their little one. There are no fees, so every dollar gifted goes towards the recipient. Funds can then be used to purchase diapers and wipes online or in retail stores.
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