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About Diaper Stash

Hand-drawn image of a diaper with a bow on top

Our Story

We understand that sometimes it’s easier to share belly and baby pictures than to share that you might need a little help.

We also know that when friends and family are separated by distance and time zones, it’s not always clear what that help should look like.

Our answer to this common dilemma started out from a simple idea: diapers are one of the biggest expenses for parents, so let’s make it easy to take care of parents by helping them take care of diapers.

That's why we created Pampers Diaper Stash—the online diaper gifting platform that makes it easy for loved ones to say “We’ve got you!”

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Our Mission

Diaper Stash and Pampers are dedicated to caring for every baby’s health and happiness and supporting parents every step of the way.

The mission of Diaper Stash is to do just that by

  • providing a platform to help share diapering costs, so parents can focus on the things that really matter
  • helping friends and family ensure parents have a ready supply of safe, high-quality diapers that parents have trusted for over 50 years.
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Why Diaper Stash?

Diaper Stash is the perfect way for loved ones to show their ongoing support, even after baby is born. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

For parents

  • Get trusted Pampers protection at every stage of your baby's development
  • Free and easy to set up in a few simple steps
  • Use your Stash funds the way you want—shop Pampers online or in-store
  • A better way to ask for diapers, with customizable invitations and message templates

For gifters

  • The gift that all parents need—diapers!
  • No fees or hidden charges: $50 gifted = $50 in diapers
  • No more guesswork: just decide how much you’d like to contribute