Boost your Stash!

Earn $10 in bonus cash for every $100 ...

Boost your Stash! Earn $10 in bonus cash for every $100 added to the Stash balance between 6/01/24 - 8/30/24 promotio ...


How Diaper Stash Works

We’ve made diaper gifting easy for parents, Gift Stash organizers, and contributors—all in just four easy steps!


Create your Diaper Stash

Set up your account and personalize your Diaper Stash in just a few simple steps. We use the Finigree™ platform to keep your data safe.

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Share with friends and family

Share your Stash page directly via text or email, put the Stash link in your baby shower invitation, or spread the word via your favorite social media!

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Watch your Stash grow

It’s simple for friends and family to contribute, and they’ll love how easy it is to show their support with the gift that every parent needs—diapers!

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Buy Pampers diapers & wipes from your preferred retailer

Purchase online from major retailers via our Finigree™ hosted online store, or scan receipts to get reimbursed—direct to your linked personal bank account—for Pampers products bought elsewhere.

Watch our step-by-step video guide to see Diaper Stash in action.

Made up your mind?

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Set up a Gift Stash

Use the Diaper Stash platform to easily create an online diaper fund that can be gifted on behalf of a caring circle of contributors.

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Invite contributors

Share the Gift Stash link with the recipients’ family, friends, or coworkers so they can contribute funds and send a personal message if they’d like.

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Track your progress

We’ll notify you whenever someone contributes to the Gift Stash, and you’ll be able to view all the contributions and messages at a glance by logging into your Diaper Stash account.


Surprise the recipient with their Gift Stash

At the end of the collection period, we’ll create a downloadable Surprise Booklet showing the amount collected, the names and personal messages of contributors, a QR code, and instructions on how to claim the Gift Stash.

Ready to help others show their support?


Find a Stash

Search for a Stash by parent or baby name, or open the Stash link received from a parent, friend or family member. If you’re invited to join a Gift Stash, just follow the link in the invitation.


Choose your gift amount

Select a preset option or enter a custom amount, and you’ll instantly see how many weeks or months of diapers your contribution will fund.


Personalize your gift

Make your contribution a truly unforgettable gift with your personal message of love, encouragement and congratulations.


Pay easily and securely by card

Paying by debit or credit card via the Finigree™ platform is easy, quick and secure, with no need to register.

Ready to give the gift that all parents need?

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