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Playing baby shower games

Updated Jun 27, 2024 |clock26 min read

48 Fun Baby Shower Games for an Amazing Party

Are you looking for games to play at a baby shower? Whether you’re hosting a coed gathering or an event just for mom, the best baby shower games are those that get everyone laughing and bonding. Here’s our list of baby shower game and activity ideas that are perfect for any group, ranging from simple and cute to unique, active, or hilarious. Keep reading to find the perfect ones for your party and create lasting memories.

Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby showers are a special time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little one, and what better way to do so than with a dash of playful competition? Check out our list of fun baby shower games for a chance to let loose, share laughs, and enjoy the company of friends and family.

1. Don’t Say “Baby”

Don’t Say “Baby” is a fun and interactive baby shower game that can run from the start to the end of the event. It will get people mingling and laughing.

  • Items: Clothespins or baby-themed pins for each guest.

  • How to play: As each guest arrives, give them a pin to wear on their shirt. The rule is that they must not say the word “baby” throughout the event. If someone hears another person say “baby,” they get to take their pin. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins.

2. Baby Item Memory Game

This fun baby shower game is good for any number of guests and can incorporate cute baby items. You could even match the items to the theme or gender of the baby if you want to make it a boy or girl baby shower game.

  • Items: A tray, various baby items (bottle, pacifier, diaper, etc.), a cloth to cover them, and paper and pens for each guest.

  • How to Play: Place about 15-20 baby items on the tray and cover them with a cloth. Allow guests to view the items for 30 seconds before covering them again. Guests then have 1-2 minutes to write down as many items as they can remember. The guest with the most correct items wins a small prize or just the glory of being the winner.

3. Guess the Baby Food

Guess the baby food

If you’re looking for a fun and hilarious baby shower game, ‘Guess the baby food’ will fill your guest’s bellies full of laughter and baby food.

  • Items: Several jars of different baby foods (labels removed), spoons, and paper and pens for each guest.

  • How to Play: Number each jar of baby food. Guests then taste or smell each jar and write down what they think is in each jar. The guest with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

4. Baby Shower Bingo

Make gift opening fun for everyone by turning it into the classic game of bingo.

  • Items: Bingo cards (with baby items instead of numbers), markers or pens, and prizes.

  • How to Play: Each square on the bingo card has a baby item written or pictured on it. As the parent-to-be opens their gifts, guests mark off the items on their cards. The first person to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins.

Easy and Simple Baby Shower Games

If you’ve got a lot to plan for the upcoming celebration, you might be looking for some easy baby shower games to keep the guests entertained. We’ve got some simple and oh-so-fun baby shower games that are a breeze to put together, even at the last minute!

5. Guess the Baby Photo

Guess the baby photo is a cute and classic game to play at a baby shower. Plus, it’ll be super sweet (and even funny) to see how everyone looked when they were babies.

  • Items: A baby photo of each guest, a board or wall to display them, numbers to label each picture, paper, and pens.

  • How to Play: Ask your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. Pin these photos on a board with a number for each. Guests guess who each baby picture belongs to. The one with the most correct guesses wins.

6. Measure the Bump

This baby shower guessing game is a simple activity for guests and the mom-to-be. Ensure mom isn’t self-conscious of her bump before organizing this one.

  • Items: Yarn or toilet paper.

  • How to Play: Each guest cuts a length of yarn or counts squares of toilet paper they think matches the circumference of the mom-to-be’s bump. The closest guess without going over wins.

7. Baby Word Scramble

This simple and fun baby shower game will get the brain working and it’s perfect for any wordsmiths among the guests.

  • Items: Printed lists of scrambled baby-related words, and pens.

  • How to Play: Guests unscramble the words as quickly as possible. The first one to unscramble all the words or the most words in a given time wins.

Couples and Coed Baby Shower Game Ideas

For future moms and dads, and friends of all genders, get ready for a fun time with our list of coed baby shower games! These activities are the perfect way to involve everyone in the celebration of the soon-to-be newest addition.

8. Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

Guaranteed to get everyone laughing and reliving their younger days, this fun coed baby shower game is sure to break the ice.

  • Items: Baby bottles filled with a beverage of choice.

  • How to Play: Each participant gets a baby bottle filled with a beverage (it can be juice, water, or for a fun twist, beer for adults). The first one to “chug” their bottle empty wins.

9. Feed the Baby

This baby shower game for couples is lots of fun and things might get a little messy!

  • Items: Blindfolds, jars of baby food, spoons.

  • How to Play: Couples are paired together, one blindfolded as the “baby” and the other as the “parent.” The parent must feed the baby a jar of baby food as quickly as possible. The fastest pair wins.

10. Super Parents Relay

Test your guest’s parenting skills with this hilarious and active baby shower game. It also works well for couples, pitting them against each other for a challenge of the super parent!

  • Items: Cordless or cell phone, about eight pairs of unmatched baby socks, stack of diapers, baby spoon, baby doll or plush toy, and a timer.

  • How to play: Each of your guests (or each couple/pair) will take turns trying to be a super parent! On the word “Go,” the guests pick up the phone and cradle it between their ear and shoulder. Then they must sort the socks into matching piles (while still on the phone), pretend to feed the baby, and change its diaper. They must try to perform all these tasks simultaneously without putting down the phone. Time each guest to see how long it takes to complete the challenge—no mistakes allowed, of course. The fastest time wins!

11. Blow and Pop Race

This fun baby shower game for couples offers a hilarious blend of strategy and physical comedy, making it a memorable addition to any baby shower.

  • Items: Balloons (one for each participant, plus some extras in case of pops before the race starts), string or yarn, and chairs or markers to designate the starting line and turnaround point.

  • How to play: Before the race starts, guests get into pairs. On the word “Go!” each pair inflates a balloon to a size they believe is poppable. The couple then face each other holding the balloon between both their bodies and race from the starting line to a turnaround point and back, without using their hands. At the finish line, the challenge is to pop the balloon by squeezing it between their bodies, without using their hands. The first couple to pop their balloon wins. If a balloon pops or drops prematurely, the participant must start over from the beginning with a new balloon.

Unique Baby Shower Games

Are you ready to spice up the baby shower with something a little different? We’ve picked some unique baby shower games that promise to keep your guests talking and make the party unforgettable. Think outside the box and get ready for hilarious, heartwarming, and maybe even slightly wacky moments that will add that extra sprinkle of joy to the special day.

12. Baby’s First Portrait

Bring out the artist in your guests with this fun and unique baby shower game.

  • Items: Playdough, timer.

  • How to play: Set a timer and guests have to sculpt a baby out of playdough. The parent-to-be decides which work of art wins the title of “Baby’s First Portrait.”

13. Guess the Baby Song

No party is complete without music, so why not incorporate it into your baby shower activities with this cool game?

  • Items: Playlist of songs with the word “baby” in them, a speaker.

  • How to play: Play a few seconds of each song. Guests must write down the title or artist. The person with the most correct answers wins.

14. Baby Bump Twist

Do the baby bump twist for a unique, active, and hilarious baby shower game. How well can you twist with a baby bump?!

  • Items: Balloons, Twister game board (or use your own fun instructions).

  • How to play: Participants put a balloon up their shirt (as if they’ve got a baby bump) and follow the fun instructions to the game Twister, or the host can give their own unique instructions, such as do jumping jacks or get into fun yoga poses. Participants must carry out the poses without popping or dropping the balloon.

15. Late-Night Diaper Messages

Late-Night Diaper Messages

Brighten up those nighttime changes with a bit of humor and heartfelt messages with this unique baby shower activity.

  • Items: Diapers and colorful markers.

  • How to play: Set up a station with colorful markers and newborn-size diapers. Invite friends and family to write funny sayings or encouraging notes right on the diaper’s exterior. Each message serves as a small beacon of camaraderie during those weary late-night moments.

Hilarious Baby Shower Games

Looking for a way to level up the laughter at your baby shower? Look no further! We’ve compiled the funniest baby shower games ever that are guaranteed to have your guests roaring with joy. Forget the cutesy stuff—these baby shower games are designed with adults in mind, promising some mischief and laughter.

16. Baby Sketch Artist

This might end up being possibly one of the funniest baby shower games ever once you see the end results.

  • Items: Paper plates and markers.

  • How to play: Guests place a paper plate on their heads and have to draw a baby on the plate without looking. The parent-to-be judges the best drawing. This game guarantees laughter and some interesting artwork.

17. Baby Shower Mad Libs

If you ever did mad libs as a child, you might remember how creative and funny they can be. So, let your silly side out with this hilarious baby shower game.

  • Items: Mad Libs templates focused on childbirth and parenting.

  • How to play: Create or print out Mad Lib stories related to baby and parenting scenarios. Guests fill in the blanks with nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc., without knowing the story. Once completed, the host reads them aloud. The results are often hilariously inappropriate and always a source of great laughter.

18. Baby Babble

Nothing brings a room together like laughter, and “Baby Babble” is guaranteed to get your guests giggling.

  • Items: A list of baby-related words and phrases.

  • How to play: Before the shower, compile a list of baby-related words and phrases. During the game, have each guest take turns drawing a word from a hat and then describe the word to the group without actually saying it. It’s like a baby-themed version of charades in verbal form!

19. Whose Baby Is It?

Similar to our ‘Guess the Baby Photo’ game on our list, this funny game involves using photos of celebrities’ babies.

  • Items: Photos of celebrities’ babies, paper, pens.

  • How to play: Show pictures of celebrities’ babies and have guests guess whose baby it is. To make it funnier, mix in baby photos of some of the guests or the parents-to-be if available. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

Best Baby Shower Games for Men

Dad-to-be and dad’s friends, get ready to have fun at your very own baby shower—also known as a diaper party! We’ve got games for you too, like diaper pong. Test your skills, share laughs, and make memories with friends and family. Let’s gear up for guy-friendly baby shower entertainment.

20. Beer Baby Bottles

  • Items: Baby bottles, and beer or another beverage.

  • How to play: Similar to the baby bottle chugging contest. Each participant gets a baby bottle filled with beer or a beverage of choice. The first to finish his bottle without removing it from his mouth wins. It’s harder than it sounds!

21. Diaper Pong

Everyone loves a good game of pong, but we give it a delightful twist!

  • Items: 6 large, clean diapers, ping pong balls.

  • How to play: Set up a table with six large, clean diapers shaped into a triangle at each end. Instead of cups, this fun baby shower game uses diapers to catch the ball. Participants can team up and take turns trying to toss ping-pong balls into the diapers.

22. Pin the Poop on the Diaper

In the playful spirit of baby shower games, “Pin the Poop on the Diaper” is a cheeky twist on a classic party game.

  • Items: Blindfolds, cut-out poop emoji, pins or sticky-tac, and a large poster of a diaper.

  • How to play: Blindfold your guests and give them the poop cut-out. Spin them around for good measure, and then watch as they try to stick the poop on a large poster of a diaper. The closest one to the “target zone” wins! It’s all in good fun and brings out some chuckles.

Baby Shower Trivia Questions

Get ready to put your thinking caps on and have a blast with these baby shower trivia question games. As we celebrate the journey into parenthood, let’s see who knows their baby facts. These trivia games are a fantastic way to mix fun with a little learning.

23. Baby Trivia

Are you a baby expert? Play this trivia game and find out!

  • Items: List of baby-related trivia questions, answer sheets, and pens.

  • How to Play: Prepare a list of trivia questions related to babies, such as average birth weight, most popular baby names of the year, or historical facts about childbirth. Guests answer the questions to the best of their ability, and the one with the most correct answers wins.

24. Mommy and Daddy Trivia

Get ready for a baby shower trivia game that’s heartwarming and fun—all about the new mommy and/or daddy! This is where we get to see how well guests know the parents-to-be with a series of personal questions.

  • Items: A list of trivia questions about the parent(s), and paper and pens for recording answers and results.

  • How to Play: Prepare a list of questions about the parent(s) before the baby shower. You might need their help with this, of course. Consider fun questions about their childhood, teen years, how they met, their hobbies, etc. Depending on the number of guests, people can get in teams or answer the questions alone. The winner is the person or team with the most correct answers.

25. Parenting Superstitions and Myths

  • Items: A list of common and obscure parenting superstitions and myths, answer sheets.

  • How to Play: Read out each superstition or myth, and guests must decide if it’s true or just a myth. This can also be a learning experience, as the answers can be quite surprising.

26. Celebrity Parents Quiz

  • Items: Photos of celebrities with their children, a list of multiple-choice questions, and answer sheets.

  • How to Play: Show photos of celebrities with their kids and ask questions related to their parenting styles, baby names, or other fun facts. Guests choose from multiple-choice answers, and the highest score wins.

Active Outdoor Baby Shower Games

Who says baby showers have to be indoors and traditional? Take the party outside and revel in the sunshine with games that will bring out the kid in every guest! These baby shower activities are perfect for parents-to-be who are active and love the outdoors.

27. Stroller Derby

If it’s active you want, this baby shower game is the best choice—sending guests through a fun baby-inspired obstacle course. Remind guests to bring comfortable shoes to the party!

  • Items: Baby strollers, obstacle course.

  • How to Play: Set up an obstacle course that guests must navigate while pushing a stroller. Add challenges like zigzagging between cones, going over a small ramp, or even a diaper change station where they have to change a doll’s diaper before continuing. The fastest time wins.

28. Water Balloon Toss

This baby shower game is perfect for outdoors, especially for a summer baby shower.

  • Items: Water balloons.

  • How to Play: Partners stand across from each other and toss a water balloon back and forth, taking a step back with each successful catch. The game continues until only one pair remains without breaking their balloon.

29. Baby Bottle Bowling

We all love the classic game of bowling, so here’s an idea to incorporate it into your baby shower.

  • Items: Empty baby bottles, and a tennis ball or small rubber ball.

  • How to Play: Set up the baby bottles in a traditional bowling pin formation. Guests take turns rolling the ball to knock down the bottles. Score it like regular bowling or simply count the number of bottles knocked down for a simpler version.

30. Pacifier Hunt

Here’s a fun way to get everyone moving and enjoying the outdoors with this active baby shower game.

  • Items: Pacifiers and an outdoor area.

  • How to Play: Hide pacifiers around the outdoor area before guests arrive. During the game, guests search for the pacifiers within a set time limit. The person who finds the most pacifiers wins.

Cute Baby Shower Games and Activities

Preparing for an adorable baby shower? Let’s add some sugar, spice, and everything nice to your special day! Enjoy heartwarming games as guests celebrate the little one with laughter and “awws.” And some of these baby shower activities provide the baby and parents with some special keepsakes at the end.

31. Wishes for Baby

Wishes for Baby

This isn’t a game but a heartfelt baby shower activity. And the wishes that guests create make sweet keepsakes for the parents.

  • Items: “Wishes for Baby” cards and pens.

  • How to Play: Each guest writes down their wishes for the baby on the cards. These can be collected in a book or box for the parents to share with their child in the future.

32. Design Onesies

If the parents-to-be are creative types and love crafting, this is a fun activity that also gives them a stockpile of unique clothing for their baby.

  • Items: Plain white onesies in various sizes, non-toxic fabric markers or fabric paint, and stencils.

  • How to Play: Set up a crafting station where guests can decorate onesies for the new baby. Provide plenty of fabric markers, paints, and stencils to help guests create personalized, cute designs.

33. Create a Baby Time-Capsule

  • Items: A box or container, pens, paper, and small gifts or memorabilia.

  • How to Play: Invite each guest to write a note to the baby, offering wishes, advice, or predictions for the future. Guests can also include small gifts or items that are meaningful or reflective of the current year. Seal the box and instruct the parents-to-be to open it with their child on a significant future birthday.

34. Guess the Baby Animal Name

  • Items: List of animals and their baby names, answer sheets, and pens.

  • How to Play: Prepare a list where guests must match adult animals to their correct baby names (e.g., “cow” to “calf”). This sweet and educational game can be surprisingly challenging and is sure to spark some interesting conversations.

Baby Shower Games for Small Groups

Are you hosting an intimate baby shower or a baby sprinkle? If so, these baby shower games are perfect for small groups and make the celebration even more meaningful.

35. Baby Bucket List

This is a beautiful and meaningful activity that is also fun for the little one to look back on in years to come.

  • Items: Paper, pens, and a decorative box or jar.

  • How to Play: Guests write down an activity or milestone they hope the baby will experience, from their first step to their wedding day. These bucket list items are collected in a decorative box or jar for the parents to share with their child as they grow.

36. Make a Baby Quilt

Making a baby blanket for the new arrival is a meaningful activity, and getting family and friends involved makes it even more special.

  • Items: precut squares of fabric, fabric markers or non-toxic fabric paint, thread, and items for sewing/embroidering.

  • Instructions: Give each guest a square of fabric and ask them to decorate it in any way they want. Perhaps they choose to decorate with fabric paints, or maybe they have great embroidery skills. After the party, you can arrange the squares and assemble the quilt yourself with backing and stuffing, or send it to a professional.

37. Baby Advice Cards

  • Items: Our printable baby advice cards, and pens.

  • How to Play: Each guest writes down their best piece of parenting advice, a joke to lighten tough days, or simply a message of love and support. The cards can be read aloud during the shower or saved for the parents to read privately later.

printable baby advice cards

38. Pass the Gift Baby Shower Game

Another heartwarming baby shower game that will create smiles and bring back childhood party memories is “Pass the Gift.”

  • Items: Small gifts and different wrapping paper for each layer.

  • How to Play: Wrap a small gift in multiple layers of gift wrap. As music plays, guests pass the gift around the circle. When the music stops, the person holding the gift removes a layer. Start the music again and continue passing the gift around until the music stops. This continues until the gift is revealed. The final recipient unwraps the last layer to reveal a thoughtful (or fun) gift that they can keep.

39. Left Right Baby Shower Game

The “Left Right Baby Shower Game” is similar to the game above but with a little twist—there’s a story involved, containing A LOT of “lefts” and “rights.”

  • Items: Small gift, wrapping paper, and a printout of a “left right” story (you can find examples and printouts of these funny stories online).

  • How to Play: Wrap a special gift in a package. As you read the story aloud, guests will pass the gift to their left each time they hear the word “left” and to their right whenever they hear “right.” When the story ends, the person holding the gift gets to keep it! This game is a great icebreaker.

Cool Baby Shower Diaper Games

These diaper games for baby showers are not just fun, they also give a hands-on preview of the diapering days ahead. So, grab some diapers and let the games begin!

40. Diaper Raffle

This baby shower activity is not only fun for guests, but it also provides the parents-to-be with lots of essential diapers for their baby. You can find out more about how to host a diaper raffle in our dedicated article.

  • Items: Enough raffle tickets for all of your guests, prizes (one large prize or several small prizes)

  • How to play: Let the guests know in advance that you’re hosting a diaper raffle. Tell them that for each pack of diapers they bring to the baby shower, they’ll receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win prizes. If you’re using Pampers Diaper Stash, guests can get a raffle ticket for each contribution they make to the fund. During the baby shower, draw the winning ticket(s) and announce the winner(s).

41. Diaper Changing Relay

Diaper Changing Relay

Perfect for couples, this baby shower diapering game is active and will certainly make everyone laugh.

  • Items: Dolls or stuffed toys, diapers, baby powder, and baby wipes.

  • How to Play: Set up a relay race where teams of two must change a diaper, with one person blindfolded and the other giving instructions. The fastest team wins.

42. Diaper the Balloon

This diaper game is not just fun and active, but it’s also perfect if you’re inviting couples to the baby shower.

  • Items: Balloons, diapers, and a timer.

  • How to Play: Guests partner up, and each team gets a balloon and a diaper. The challenge is to diaper the balloon as quickly as possible without popping it. The fastest team wins, but if the balloon pops, they’re out!

43. The Diaper Sniff

This diaper game for baby showers is as gross as it is funny, and it guarantees lots of laughs.

  • Items: Diapers, various types of melted chocolate.

  • How to Play: Melt different types of chocolate bars and smear each one into a separate diaper. Guests have to sniff (or taste) the chocolate-filled diapers and guess the type of chocolate.

Baby Shower Guessing Games and Activities

Get ready for fun and excitement with baby shower guessing games that challenge and surprise guests. They’re also perfect icebreakers, getting everyone chatting.

44. The Price Is Right: Baby Edition

Here’s a baby shower twist on the classic game.

  • Items: Various baby items (either physical items or pictures), pens, and paper for each guest.

  • How to play: Display each baby item and have guests write down their guess for its retail price. The person who comes closest to the actual price without going over wins. This can be a fun and educational game, especially for those who haven’t shopped for baby items recently.

45. Over or Under Baby Shower Game

Get ready to put your guests’ knowledge to the test with a fun and interactive baby shower guessing game called “Over or Under?” This game is perfect for sparking conversation and laughter at your baby shower.

  • Items: A list of faux numerical facts, pens, and a timer

  • How to play: Prepare a list of interesting numerical statements related to parenting and babies—everything from the number of diapers a baby uses in a year to the amount of sleep new parents get. Guests will guess whether the actual number is over or under the one you’ve stated. It’s a great way to share some intriguing baby facts with your friends and family.

46. What’s in the Bag Baby Shower Game

Ready for a little detective work? Play “What's in the Bag?” a baby shower guessing game that will have everyone buzzing with anticipation.

  • Items: Several opaque bags, a range of baby items (e.g., teething ring, pacifier, onesie, baby spoon), paper, and pens.

  • How to play: Prepare several opaque bags, each containing a common baby item. During the baby shower, pass each bag around and have guests feel the items inside without peeking. They’ll write down their hunches on paper. Once everyone’s had a turn, reveal the items one by one and see who has the keenest sense of touch!

47. Sweet Guessing Game

Here’s a simple baby shower guessing game that brings a sprinkle of sweetness to the celebration.

  • Items: A jar full of candy, small pieces of paper, and pens.

  • How to play: Each guest writes down their guess for how many candies are in the jar on a piece of paper, along with their name. The person with the closest guess wins a prize, and the candies can be shared or given to the mom-to-be as a sweet treat for later.

48. Nursery Rhyme Riddles

It’s time to test your nursery rhyme knowledge with this “Nursery Rhyme Riddles” game! We’ve all grown up with these classic tunes by heart, so put those memories to good use with this cute baby shower guessing game.

  • Items: A list of popular nursery rhyme excerpts, a timer.

  • How to play: The host reads out clues or riddles related to popular nursery rhymes. Use the timer and give guests 30 seconds to guess the nursery rhyme. The first team or person to shout out the correct nursery rhyme scores a point.

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Your Top FAQs



What is the ideal game for a baby shower?

The ideal game for a baby shower depends on the parents-to-be and guests’ preferences and the party’s theme, but a mix of interactive, fun, and easy-to-understand games often works well. Consider “Guess the Baby Food,” “Baby Item Memory Game,” or “Diaper Changing Relay.” Choosing games that engage everyone and create laughter will make the event memorable.

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

Typically, 3 to 5 games are sufficient for a baby shower. This allows for a good balance of activities, leaving ample time for socializing, eating, and other festivities. The key is managing time efficiently to keep the event flowing smoothly.

What is the 5-second rule game baby shower?

The 5-second rule game for a baby shower is a variation of the quick-thinking game where participants must name three items within a certain category in under 5 seconds. Categories can be baby-related, such as three baby food flavors or three lullabies. It’s a fast-paced, entertaining game that challenges guests to think quickly.

How do you make a baby shower not boring?

To ensure a baby shower is engaging, mix in a variety of activities that cater to different interests. Include interactive games, craft stations (like onesie decorating), and opportunities for guests to share advice or stories. Keeping the event paced with a good balance of activities, relaxation, and social time keeps everyone entertained.

Who pays for a baby shower?

Traditionally, a close friend or family member of the expectant parent(s) pays for and hosts the baby shower. However, modern practices are flexible, and it’s not uncommon for multiple people to co-host and share the expenses.

How many people should you invite to a baby shower?

The size of a baby shower can vary, but generally, 20 to 30 guests is manageable and allows for a personal, intimate gathering. Consider the preferences of the expectant parent(s), the venue size, and the budget when deciding. Smaller gatherings can be more personal, while larger ones can accommodate more friends and family.

Key Takeaways

Choosing the right baby shower games and activities can turn a gathering into an unforgettable celebration. With a mix of entertaining and heartfelt activities tailored to any theme or guest list, you’re sure to keep everyone engaged and create lasting memories.

And while we’re on the subject of baby showers, check out our list of baby shower gift ideas, or consider making a diaper cake as a unique gift or centerpiece.