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Diaper cake for baby shower

Updated Jul 8, 2024 |clock10 min read

Tutorial on How to Make a Diaper Cake

Are you wondering how to make a diaper cake for a baby shower gift or as a fun centerpiece? In this article, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to make an easy diaper cake, explore several unique and creative diaper cake ideas, and introduce the concept of a Pampers Diaper Stash as a great alternative to diaper cakes. Whether you're planning a baby shower or simply looking to surprise new parents with a thoughtful gift, we have you covered. Read on and discover the fascinating world of diaper cakes and the practicality of gifting a Pampers Diaper Stash.

What Is a Diaper Cake?

A diaper cake is a playful, yet practical gift idea for expecting parents. As the name suggests, it’s a collection of diapers arranged to resemble a tiered cake. Some parents even use the diapers from the diaper cake for their baby.

A diaper cake can serve as a lovely gift or a decorative centerpiece for a baby shower. You can add a touch of creativity to the diaper cake by matching it with the theme of the shower, the interests of the parents, or something fun like a dinosaur diaper cake.

How Many Diapers Do You Need for a Diaper Cake?

The number of diapers needed for a diaper cake depends on its size. A classic three-tiered cake would typically require around 50 to 60 diapers, but for larger cakes or those with more layers, you might need up to 100 diapers.

When creating a diaper cake, it’s a good idea to make it with a range of diaper sizes, including newborn, size 1, and a few larger sizes. It can be difficult to predict the exact size the baby will need, and having some bigger sizes on hand for the future is always helpful.

Other Items You’ll Need for a Diaper Cake

Beyond diapers, you’ll also need rubber bands to hold individual diaper rolls, a platter or cake base for support, dowels or a paper towel roll to hold your tiers in place, decorative ribbons to conceal the rubber bands, and optionally, some baby essentials like bottles, pacifiers, or toys to adorn the cake.

How to Make a Diaper Cake?

Here are our step-by-step instructions for creating an adorable and easy diaper cake for a baby shower or gift. So, if you’re wondering how to build a diaper cake, follow these simple instructions to roll, secure, and decorate your tiers, resulting in a beautiful gift or centerpiece that any parent-to-be will love. Let’s get started with our DIY diaper cake tutorial:

1. Roll and secure diapers. Roll each diaper individually from the top to the bottom and secure it with a rubber band.

2. Group and secure tier. Once you have enough diapers, group them together to form a circle or a tier on your base, securing the entire tier with a larger band or ribbon.

3. Insert dowels. To secure and hold your tiers together, place some long dowels between your diaper rolls. Alternatively, you can use a long paper towel roll down the center of your cake and build around it.

4. Repeat for multiple tiers. Repeat the process to create as many tiers as you want, building each smaller tier on top of the larger one and securing it with a rubber band or ribbon. You’ll need less diapers for each tier compared to the base.

5. Decorate the diaper cake. Once your tiers are assembled, decorate with ribbons and baby essentials as desired. You could add small toys around the base or on each tier, use flowers or ribbons to decorate, or add something fun on top of the cake.

6. Wrap the diaper cake. If you’re transporting the diaper cake to the baby shower, you might want to wrap it in clear cellophane or tulle to prevent any damage. Place the diaper cake on top of a large sheet of cellophane or tulle and cinch and secure it with a ribbon at the top of the cake.

If you’re wondering how to make a small diaper cake, simply use fewer diapers or opt for a single-tier cake.
how to make a diaper cake instructions

How to Make a Diaper Cake Without Rolling?

If you’re finding rolling each diaper too time-consuming, there’s another method to make a diaper cake without rolling. Instead of rolling each diaper, start by placing a paper towel roll upright on your base and standing the diapers on their side in a circular pattern around it until your base is full and sturdy. Secure with a rubber band and do the same for the other tiers, making them smaller as you go up. Once finished, you can decorate as desired.

Diaper Cake Ideas for Boys and Girls

There are countless ways to decorate your diaper cake to make it truly special and personalized. Here are some ideas:

  • Baby items. Incorporate small baby essentials like pacifiers, teething rings, baby socks, or small stuffed toys. These not only add visual interest but can also be used by the new parents.
  • Ribbons and bows. Use ribbons and bows in the colors of the baby’s gender or the parents’ preference. You can stick to a single-color scheme or mix and match for a fun look.
  • Flowers. Flowers can add a touch of elegance to your diaper cake. You can use them to adorn the top tier or place them sporadically throughout the cake.
  • Themed decorations. You could also follow a specific theme like nautical, woodland, or fairy tale, and use related items for decoration.
  • Custom toppers. Top your diaper cake with something unique like a custom name banner, a plush toy related to the theme, or even a cute pair of baby shoes.

Remember, the aim is to create something that’s not just visually appealing, but also practical and helpful for the new parents.

Diaper Cake Themes and Shapes

Looking for themes or shapes to customize your diaper cake? Here are some popular ideas that could work well for boys, girls, or gender-neutral diaper cakes:

  • A baby bassinet diaper cake
  • Safari theme
  • Sports theme
  • Fairytale theme
  • Prince or princess theme
  • Woodland theme
  • Nautical theme
  • A butterfly diaper cake
  • A dinosaur diaper cake
  • A teddy bear diaper cake
  • Farm theme, such as a cow or tractor
  • Color-based themes like pink, blue, or neutral tones
  • Hot air balloon diaper cake
  • Vehicle theme, such as a jeep, motorcycle, or train
teddy bear diaper cake
princess theme diaper cake

Get creative and tailor your diaper cakes to match the theme or preferences of the parents-to-be!

Why Diaper Stash Is a Great Alternative to a Diaper Cake

While diaper cakes are a delightful surprise at baby showers, Pampers Diaper Stash offers a more practical and convenient option. Diaper Stash is an online fund that loved ones of the parents-to-be can contribute to. The new parents can then use this fund to purchase the Pampers diapers of their choice. Here are the key benefits of choosing Diaper Stash over a traditional diaper cake:

1. Customization of sizes and brands. Unlike a diaper cake, which typically comes in a predetermined size and brand, Diaper Stash allows parents to choose the diaper sizes and their favorite Pampers diapers that best fit their baby’s needs. This flexibility is crucial, as babies grow quickly and have different sensitivities or preferences.

2. Practical and useful. Diaper cakes are often more decorative than functional as not all parents want to use diapers that have been outside of their original packaging. In contrast, Diaper Stash is purely practical, ensuring that the gift is entirely usable and nothing goes to waste.

3. Long-term use. With Diaper Stash, loved ones can continue to contribute to the fund for the long term, ensuring parents have a steady supply as their baby grows. This contrasts with a diaper cake, which may only cover a short period due to the limited number of diapers it includes.

4. Reduces gifting guesswork. Diaper Stash takes the guesswork out of gifting, making it an easier option for friends and family.

5. Eco-Friendly Option. By letting the parents only buy the diapers they need using the fund, and without the additional decorative elements, Diaper Stash can reduce waste and be an eco-friendlier option.

6. Perfect for a virtual baby shower. If you’re planning or attending a virtual baby shower, Diaper Stash is the perfect replacement for a diaper cake. Read our helpful article on how to plan a virtual baby shower.

How to Use Diaper Stash

As the host of a baby shower or a guest, incorporating a Pampers Diaper Stash is a thoughtful and innovative way to support the expectant parents on their diapering journey. Here’s how to seamlessly integrate Diaper Stash into your baby shower planning:

1. Set up a Diaper Stash fund. If the parents haven’t already, create a fund where guests can contribute money instead of buying physical diapers. This fund will be used for the parents to purchase diapers after the baby shower.

2. Inform the guests. Communicate to the guests that you’re organizing a Diaper Stash and share the link before or during the baby shower. You could even add the link to your baby shower invitations.

3. Watch the fund grow. You might want to maintain a record of who contributed to the Diaper Stash. This helps in sending thank you notes and keeping the parents informed about who contributed.

4. Gift the Diaper Stash. Gift the Diaper Stash to the parents-to-be and explain how they can use the fund to purchase Pampers diapers and wipes. They can also continue using Diaper Stash as their baby grows.

By choosing Pampers Diaper Stash over a traditional diaper cake, you offer a more practical and appreciated gift that can grow with a baby while still maintaining the spirit and fun of a baby shower gift.

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FAQs at a Glance



how many diapers do you need for a diaper cake?

The number of diapers you need for a diaper cake depends on the size and style of the cake. A classic three-tiered diaper cake typically requires around 50 to 60 diapers. However, for larger cakes or those with more layers, you might need up to 100 diapers.

How to make a simple baby diaper cake?

To make a simple baby diaper cake, you need to roll individual diapers and secure them with rubber bands. Arrange the rolled diapers into tiers, with each tier having fewer diapers than the one below. Secure each tier with a large rubber band. Place the smaller tiers on top of the larger ones, and finally decorate your diaper cake with ribbons, baby items, or other decorations.

Check out our step-by-step guide in this article for how to make a diaper cake and some fun ideas.

How do you keep diaper cake layers together?

To keep the diaper cake layers together, use large rubber bands that go around the entire layer and insert dowels or a paper towel roll down the center to hold the tiers together. You can also use cake platters between tiers for added stability.

How do you roll diapers for diaper cakes?

To roll diapers for diaper cakes, start by laying a diaper flat. Roll the diaper from the top to the bottom. Secure the roll with a rubber band around the middle. Repeat this process with all the diapers.

What do you need to make a 3-tier diaper cake?

To make a 3-tier diaper cake, you might need approximately 50 to 60 diapers (depending on the size of your cake), rubber bands to secure the diapers, a cake platter for the base, decorative ribbons, and baby essentials like bottles, pacifiers, or toys for decoration.

The Bottom Line

While diaper cakes make for a delightful presentation and a fun baby shower centerpiece, Pampers Diaper Stash provides practicality and convenience that new parents will appreciate, especially if you’re hosting a virtual baby shower. It offers flexibility, ease of use, and access to high-quality Pampers diapers in sizes that perfectly fit their baby. So, whether it’s a charming diaper cake or a handy Pampers Diaper Stash, both make for thoughtful gifts, offering much-needed essentials for a baby’s diapering needs.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be bringing a smile to the faces of the new parents, knowing you’ve provided a gift that’s both useful and considerate.