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In this article

Baby Shower Gifts

Updated Jun 3, 2024 |clock22 min read

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mom and the New Baby

Celebrating a new arrival with a baby shower is a wonderful way to offer your support and affection to expectant parents. Our list offers a selection of baby shower gift ideas, ranging from practical and useful options to creative DIY projects and meaningful keepsakes for both boys and girls. Additionally, if you’re looking for a thoughtful group gift for the baby shower, contributing to Pampers Diaper Stash can provide immense support, allowing parents to stock up on all those essential diapers. So, if you’re wondering what to get for a baby shower, keep reading for over 70 gift ideas:

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Unique and unusual baby shower gifts can stand out for their creativity, unexpected utility, or the way they perfectly match the parents’ personalities or lifestyle. Here are several ideas that offer a twist on traditional gifts, ensuring your baby shower present is memorable and cherished:

1. Time capsule kit. For a unique and thoughtful baby shower gift, you could assemble a time capsule kit with instructions and items for the parents to fill with memorabilia from the baby’s birth year. Suggest they open it on a significant future birthday, like their 18th or 21st.

2. Eco-friendly baby starter kit. Compile a gift set of sustainable baby products, including organic cotton clothing, bamboo feeding utensils, natural rubber pacifiers, Pampers Pure Diapers and our 100% plant-based Free & Gentle Wipes —all packed in a reusable nursery basket.

3. Parent-and-baby exercise classes. Here’s a unique and practical baby shower gift. You could get gift certificates for parent-and-baby yoga or swimming classes providing a unique way for parents to stay active while bonding with their baby.

4. Customized name puzzle. A wooden puzzle made with the letters of the baby’s name not only serves as a unique decoration for the nursery but also helps the child learn to spell their name as they grow.

5. Children’s book collection. A great baby shower gift idea is to curate a selection of children’s books from around the world, or a collection of your favorite childhood books, providing a rich cultural experience and a beautiful start to the baby’s library.

6. A star named after the baby. Using an official star-naming service, name a star after the baby and present the certificate and celestial map to the parents, offering a truly unique and out-of-this-world baby shower gift.

7. Baby’s first festival kit. For music-loving parents, create a cool baby festival kit as a unique and unusual shower gift, complete with baby-safe hearing protection, a portable sunshade, and a band-themed baby onesie.

8. Adventure-Ready Diaper Bag. For active parents, a rugged, backpack-style diaper bag with lots of compartments can be a practical and stylish gift, perfect for family adventures.

Creative DIY Baby Shower Gifts

DIY baby shower gifts are not only creative but also super thoughtful, showing the parents how much you care. These gifts add a personal touch but also allow you to customize them according to the parents’ tastes, the baby’s gender, or the nursery theme—and your skills, of course! Here are some DIY baby shower gift ideas that the parents-to-be are sure to appreciate:

9. Handmade baby blankets. If you can crochet, knit, or quilt, why not make a cozy blanket in soft, baby-friendly materials? This is a timeless gift that can be cherished and even passed down through generations.

10. Diaper cake. A practical and creative DIY idea for a baby shower gift is a diaper cake. This provides much-needed diapers for the new baby as well as creating a fun centerpiece for the baby shower. Or you could use Diaper Stash, our online diaper cake replacement, and take the guesswork out of diaper gifting.

11. Personalized nursery décor. Are you artistic? If so, create custom wall art, such as painted canvases or framed illustrations for the new arrival. Consider adding the baby’s name (if you know it already) or initials for a personal touch.

12. DIY baby clothes. Sew or knit adorable baby outfits, hats, or booties. Use soft, comfortable fabrics, and consider the season the baby will be born in when choosing your designs, or make something they can wear in the future.

13. Customized storybook. This is a super creative and cool baby shower gift idea. Write and illustrate a storybook featuring the baby as the main character. This gift can be treasured for years and become a special part of the little one’s bedtime routine—plus it’ll really spark their imagination!

14. Handmade toys. Craft soft toys, such as stuffed animals or fabric blocks. Ensure they’re made from safe, non-toxic materials and durable enough for baby’s play.

15. Baby’s first-year scrapbook/photo album. Prepare a scrapbook or photo album that the new parents can fill with memories from their baby’s first year. Decorate the cover and include sections for milestones. This meaningful DIY baby shower gift is a great option for every family.

16. Hand-painted onesies. Purchase plain onesies and decorate them with fabric paints or iron-on designs. This is also a great idea for a baby shower activity where each guest can create a unique onesie.

17. Customized mobile for the nursery. Design a mobile using felt, wood, or other materials that can be hung above the baby’s crib as a cute DIY baby shower gift. You might like to choose a theme that complements the nursery decor.

18. Knit or crochet baby accessories. Make practical items like bibs, burp cloths, or a nursing shawl. These can be customized in various colors and patterns.

19. Sensory play mats. Create a quilted mat with different textures, colors, and activities built-in to stimulate the baby's senses and support their development.
Creative DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Creating themed gift baskets for a baby shower is a great idea and an opportunity to bundle a variety of practical, thoughtful, or luxury items for both baby and mom. These baskets can be tailored to the parent’s needs and preferences, making them a highly personalized gift option. Here are some baby shower gift basket ideas that include cute and practical options for the baby, as well as useful and pampering options for the mom.

For Mom

  1. Pampering spa basket. In this luxurious gift basket, you could include:

    • Luxurious body lotion and stretch mark cream
    • Scented candles
    • Relaxing bath bombs
    • A soft, fluffy bathrobe and slippers
    • High-quality facial masks and eye patches
    • Herbal teas and a beautiful teacup.
  2. New mom survival kit. Let’s face it, parenting isn’t always easy, and many new moms appreciate all the help they can get. Here are some survival essentials for those first few weeks:

    • A high-quality, reusable water bottle
    • Snacks high in protein and energy bars
    • A journal and pen for recording memories and milestones
    • A pair of comfortable, non-slip socks
    • Gift cards for meal delivery services.
  3. Breastfeeding support basket. If the mom-to-be is choosing to breastfeed, they might be grateful for the following:

    • A comfortable, supportive nursing pillow
    • Organic nipple cream and breast pads
    • A stylish nursing cover for privacy
    • A selection of lactation teas and snacks
    • An informative breastfeeding book or guide
  4. Rest and relaxation basket. New parents need all the rest they can get when their new baby arrives. Help them on their sleep journey with the following baby shower gift basket ideas:

    • A cozy throw blanket
    • A premium sleep mask and earplugs
    • Aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils
    • A good novel or magazine subscriptions
    • An assortment of gourmet chocolates or treats.
  5. Memory making basket. This baby shower gift basket idea helps parents record all those special moments with their new baby:

    • A baby handprint and footprint keepsake kit
    • A high-quality photo album or frame
    • A set of milestone cards or stickers
    • A polaroid camera with film for instant memories
    • A decorative journal for tracking their baby’s first year

For the Baby

  1. Sleepy time basket. Help the new arrival (and the parents) sleep soundly with this sleepy time gift basket idea for a baby shower:

    • Soft, plush baby blanket
    • A soothing sound machine or a musical mobile
    • Nightlight projector for the nursery
    • Gentle, lavender-scented baby lotion
    • A set of soft pajamas or a sleeping sack.
  2. Bathtime fun basket. Make bathtime fun with these cute baby shower ideas for a gift basket:

    • Hooded baby towels and washcloths
    • Baby-safe bath toys
    • Natural baby shampoo and body wash
    • Waterproof bath book or rubber duckies
    • Bath kneeler pad for parent’s comfort.
  3. Feeding essentials basket. Help fill that tiny tum with this baby shower gift basket full of feeding essentials:

    • BPA-free bottle set with newborn nipples
    • High-quality bibs and burp cloths
    • A silicone baby feeding set (bowl, spoon, bib)
    • A stylish, insulated bottle bag for on-the-go
    • Breastmilk storage bags or a baby formula dispenser.
  4. First library basket. As the little one grows, they may become an avid reader with this gift basket full of storytime essentials:

    • A selection of board books with colorful illustrations
    • Soft fabric books suitable for newborns
    • A book of nursery rhymes or bedtime stories
    • An interactive, musical reading toy
    • Personalized storybook with the baby’s name.
  5. New arrival wardrobe basket. Babies grow out of clothes so fast, so they can never have enough of the essentials:

    • A variety of onesies in different sizes
    • Soft, comfortable baby leggings or pants
    • A set of hats and booties
    • Adorable baby outfits for special occasions
    • Baby socks with cute designs.
baby shower gift basket for baby

Practical and Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Wondering what to bring to a baby shower can often be a difficult decision. But your gift doesn’t have to be creative or unique. Practical and useful gifts are often the most appreciated at a baby shower, as they provide essential support to new parents during the initial months of parenting. These gifts focus on the necessities, such as diapers and feeding supplies, that can make life easier for both the baby and the mom. Here’s a list of practical and common baby shower gift ideas that work well for boys and girls:

For Mom

29. Meal delivery subscription. The first few weeks with a newborn can be a lot of work, so a subscription to a meal delivery service can be a lifesaver, ensuring the new parents have access to nutritious meals with minimal effort—leaving them more time to spend with their new arrival.

30. Breastfeeding supplies. If the mom is choosing to breastfeed, you could get her practical supplies like breast pads, nipple cream, breastmilk storage containers, a nursing cover, or a nursing pillow.

31. Postpartum care kit. A thoughtful kit including items like maxi pads, witch hazel, perineal spray, and comfortable underwear can help a new mom manage her postpartum recovery more comfortably.

32. Cleaning service. A gift certificate for a professional cleaning service can provide a much-needed respite from household chores, allowing the new parents to focus more on the baby and less on cleaning.

33.High-quality tumbler or water bottle. Staying hydrated is crucial for a new mom, especially if she’s breastfeeding. A durable, insulated tumbler or water bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours can be a great gift, and perfect for a mom that’s always on the go!

34. Ergonomic baby carrier. A baby carrier is ideal for parents when they’re out and about, or simply getting things done around the house. An ergonomic baby carrier can support the baby’s hips and provide back and shoulder support for the mom.

For the Baby

35. Diapers and wipes. It is no secret that diapers and wipes are the most common (and essential) gift for a baby shower. Every baby requires a lot of them! Even a few boxes of diapers can be a great help. You may also consider giving diapers in various sizes so that they can be used in the first few months of the baby’s life, regardless of how big the baby is or how quickly they grow. Discover Pampers diapers and wipes and choose from our great range of products. Or to take the guesswork out of diaper sizes, consider creating a diaper fund. See the item below for more information.

36. Diaper fund. Creating a diaper fund such as Pampers Diaper Stash is a great way to ensure parents always have access to diapers and wipes. Diaper Stash is easy to set up and allows friends and family to contribute to the fund before the baby is born and beyond—a great group gift idea. The parents can then use this fund to purchase the Pampers diapers and wipes of their choice. Check out How Diaper Stash works to create a practical baby shower gift.

37. Diaper subscription service. Offering a subscription for a few months of diaper delivery can be a huge relief for new parents, ensuring they always have a supply of the size and type of diapers their baby needs. Read our helpful article to help you decide whether to choose a diaper fund or a diaper subscription.

38. Baby clothing. A common baby shower gift is baby clothes. Consider gifting bodysuits, onesies, pajamas, hats, mittens, booties—all the essential clothing items babies need. Consider buying larger sizes that the baby will grow into, as some babies don’t fit into newborn sizes.

39. Baby bottles and nipples. Baby bottles are an important item for feeding, regardless of whether the mom chooses to breastfeed or use formula. If the baby is breastfed, mom can pump and store milk for later bottle-feeding. It’s recommended to use BPA-free plastic bottles or consider using glass bottles with interchangeable nipples. A great idea for a baby shower gift is to provide a set of bottles with different nipple sizes that will fit the baby’s needs throughout their first year.

40. Bibs. Soft, absorbent bibs are crucial for minimizing messes during feedings. Waterproof or quick-dry materials can be especially practical.

41. Pacifiers. Pacifiers are a good way for babies to soothe themselves between between feedings. Plus, they’re something that easily gets lost, so extra pacifiers are always handy. Consider pacifiers designed to support oral development. Including a few different shapes and sizes allows parents to find one that the baby prefers.

42. Convertible car seat. A high-quality car seat that grows with the child from infancy through toddlerhood is a valuable gift that ensures the baby’s safety during travel.

43. Baby monitor. A baby monitor, especially models with video capabilities, allows parents to keep an eye on their sleeping baby from anywhere in the house, providing peace of mind.

44. First-aid kit. A first-aid kit is essential for all those little emergencies. It’s a good idea for it to contain essentials like a thermometer, nasal aspirator, tweezers, bandages, calamine lotion, baby nail clippers, etc.

45. Portable changing pad. A compact and easy-to-clean changing pad is perfect for diaper changes on the go, ensuring parents are always prepared, no matter where they are.

46. Baby Bathtub. A portable baby tub is one of the best and most useful baby shower gifts for bath time. Some tubs even come with a built-in thermostat to help ensure that the bathwater is the perfect temperature for the baby.

Last Minute Baby Shower Gifts

When time is short and you’re wondering what to buy as a thoughtful, last-minute gift for a baby shower, these options don’t have to seem rushed or impersonal. There are plenty of gifts that can be quickly purchased or arranged, yet will still delight and benefit the new parents and baby. Here’s a list of last-minute baby shower gift ideas that are both practical and appreciated:

47. Digital gift cards. The best last-minute baby shower gift might just be a digital gift card. Gift cards allow parents to choose exactly what they need, whether it’s baby supplies from their favorite online retailer, meal delivery services for those busy first weeks, or a subscription service for diapers or baby books. Gift cards are also a great gift idea if you’re attending a virtual baby shower.

48. Subscription services. As mentioned in our above sections, you could sign up the parents for a subscription service that delivers baby essentials, such as diapers, wipes, or baby food, directly to their door. These services can often be purchased and activated online in just a few minutes.

49. E-books or audiobooks for parenting. As a good last-minute baby shower gift, consider a selection of helpful and encouraging e-books or audiobooks on parenting, breastfeeding, sleep training, or baby care. These resources are great for new parents to access on their phones or tablets whenever they have a few spare moments.

50. Ready-made baby care kits. Pharmacies and baby stores often stock pre-made baby care kits that include essentials like a thermometer, nail clippers, a brush and comb set, and a nasal aspirator. These kits are practical and can be easily picked up last minute.

51. Pre-packed hospital bag. Some retailers offer pre-packed hospital bags containing items a new mom might need for her stay, such as toiletries, a comfortable robe, slippers, and snacks. This thoughtful and hassle-free baby shower gift saves parents the time of packing their own.

52. Online classes for new parents. Gift an online course or workshop that the parents can take together, covering topics like newborn care, CPR, breastfeeding, or baby-proofing the home. These classes can often be purchased last minute and offer valuable information. If you register on, you can also receive free access to online birthing classes.

53. Flower or edible arrangements. A beautiful bouquet of flowers for the mom or an edible arrangement of fresh fruits can be ordered and delivered on the same day. It’s a lovely way to brighten their day.

54. Instant photo printer. For a tech-savvy couple, an instant photo printer that connects to a smartphone allows them to easily print out photos of their new baby or the baby shower celebrations. These printers are readily available at electronics stores for quick pick-up.
last minute baby shower gift bouquet of flowers

Good Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys

Selecting baby shower gifts specifically for boys can be a fun opportunity to tailor your present to traditional themes or interests—but of course, these gifts can also be used for baby girls. Here are several baby shower gift ideas that range from classic to modern, ensuring you find something special for a baby boy:

55. Sports-themed outfit and accessories. Gift a baby-sized jersey or outfit from the parents’ favorite sports team, along with matching accessories like a soft baseball cap or sports-themed booties.

56. Construction or vehicle-themed play mat. A play mat with roads, construction zones, and cityscapes can be both a fun decoration for a boy’s nursery and a stimulating play area as he grows.

57. Personalized storybooks. Choose storybooks for a baby shower gift that can be personalized with the baby boy’s name, featuring adventurous tales of pirates, superheroes, or explorers, making him the hero of his own story.

58. Space or dinosaur-themed mobile. A nursery mobile featuring planets, stars, dinosaurs, or other prehistoric creatures can add a unique touch to the baby’s room, sparking curiosity and imagination.

59. Musical instrument toys. Gift a set of baby-friendly musical instruments, such as a soft drum, xylophone, or maracas, to encourage an early love for music and rhythm.

60. Classic wooden toy set. Choose high-quality, durable wooden toys, such as blocks, trains, or cars, that can withstand the test of time and provide endless hours of imaginative play.

61. Tech-free storytime projector. This cool baby boy shower gift is a projector that casts storybook images onto the wall or ceiling, making bedtime stories more interactive and magical for both parents and babies.

62. Outdoor adventure kit for toddlers. Think ahead for this great baby boy’s shower gift by preparing a kit with items like a mini tent, a plush camping set, or a toddler-sized backpack. This is perfect for little explorers to use in the backyard or on family camping trips.
baby shower gifts for boys

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Girls

Finding the best baby shower gift for a girl allows you to explore a wide range of adorable, thoughtful ideas that celebrate her arrival. From traditional gifts to more modern, unique ideas, there’s something special about picking out something that might become a cherished part of her early years. But don’t let that stop you from using these gift ideas for baby girls or boys. The choice is yours! Here are some cute baby shower gift ideas for girls:

63. Floral nursery decor. If the parents like traditional girl-themed decor, gift beautiful floral-themed items for her nursery, such as a floral mobile, wall decals, or a custom floral name sign. These can add a soft, sweet touch to her room.

64. Princess-themed outfits. Choose an outfit set with a princess theme, complete with a tutu, headband, and soft, sparkly shoes. This can be perfect for photo shoots or special occasions.

65. Personalized jewelry box. For a special baby shower gift for girls, a small, personalized jewelry box can be a beautiful keepsake where she can store precious items as she grows.

66. Children’s books with strong female leads. Curate a collection of classic and contemporary children’s books featuring strong female protagonists, inspiring her from an early age.

67. Handmade doll or stuffed animal. A cute baby shower gift idea could be a handmade doll or a plush stuffed animal made with soft, safe materials. It might just become a cherished companion for bedtime and playtime.

68. Fairy tale castle play tent. Enter the whimsical realm of cute baby shower gifts for girls with a play tent shaped like a fairy tale castle. This offers a magical space for her to play and imagine.

69. Mermaid or unicorn bath towel set. Another whimsical baby shower gift for girls is a set of bath towels and washcloths designed to look like a mermaid tail or adorned with unicorn features. This can make bath time more fun.
Cute baby shower gift ideas for girls

Thoughtful and Special Baby Shower Gifts

Thoughtful and special baby shower gifts demonstrate a deep consideration of the parents-to-be’s personalities, needs, and preferences, as well as the anticipation of the baby’s arrival. These gifts often carry an emotional value, creating lasting memories. Here are some ideas that blend thoughtfulness with uniqueness:

70. Memory box. This thoughtful and DIY baby shower gift involves decorating a sturdy box where the parents can keep mementos from the baby’s early years, such as the hospital bracelet, first outfit, and other keepsakes.

71. Homemade freezer meals. What’s more thoughtful than preparing meals for the parents-to-be? If you like to cook, prepare some meals that the parents can freeze and eat at a later date. It’ll be a much-appreciated gift once the new baby arrives and the parents have less time in the kitchen.

72. Custom portrait. Commission a custom portrait of the expectant family, including the baby, from a local artist or through online platforms. This can be based on a favorite family photo or designed to envision the new family setup.

73. Heirloom baby jewelry. A piece of fine jewelry, such as a bracelet or necklace, can be a beautiful, timeless gift for a baby girl or boy. You can even pick something with the baby’s birthstone. Choose something that can be saved and worn on special occasions, or resized for the child as they grow.

74. Professional newborn photography session. A gift certificate for a professional newborn photography session is a thoughtful way to help parents capture the fleeting moments of their baby’s early days in beautiful, professional photos.

75. Plant a tree. A gift that grows with the child. Planting a tree in honor of the new baby is a special and cool, eco-friendly baby shower gift. You can do this in the parent’s yard or through organizations that plant trees in deforested areas.

76. A collection of letters. Organize a collection of letters from family and friends, offering advice, wishes, and heartfelt messages for the baby and the parents as a meaningful baby shower gift. Present them in a beautiful box or binder.
special baby shower gifts plant a tree

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Your Top FAQs



What gift do you bring to a baby shower?

Bring a gift that is both thoughtful and useful for the baby or the parents. Popular options include diapers, baby clothes, toys, nursery essentials, or a contribution to a larger gift like a stroller or crib. You could also set up Pampers Diaper Stash for the parents or contribute to their existing fund. This will help provide them with all those much-needed diapers and wipes.

What is an appropriate cash gift for a baby shower?

An appropriate cash gift for a baby shower depends on your relationship with the parents-to-be and your budget. Alternatively, contributing to a group gift or a diaper fund like Pampers Diaper Stash can also be a considerate option.

What do you give a baby for a baby shower?

Gifts for the baby often include necessities such as clothing, diapers, blankets, or bath items. You can also consider giving developmental toys, a memory book, or something homemade. Check out our list containing 76 great baby shower gift ideas.

What can I make for a baby shower gift?

DIY baby shower gifts can be both personal and creative. Depending on your skills, consider making a baby blanket, knitted booties or hats, a handmade photo album, or a custom nursery decoration. Check out our list of baby shower gifts, and our dedicated section for creative DIY gifts for more ideas.

Key Takeaways

Selecting the best baby shower gift for the new arrival and parents is all about thoughtfulness and practicality. Whether you choose a unique or unusual gift, something DIY, practical essentials, or you contribute to a diaper fund like the Pampers Diaper Stash, your baby shower gift is sure to bring joy and support to the expectant parents.

And if you’re the person hosting the baby shower or a smaller baby sprinkle, you might want to check out our list of fun baby shower game ideas, or consider hosting a diaper raffle to help the new parents build up their stash of diapers.