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Updated Apr 8, 2024 |clock11 min read

The 5 Best Baby Registry Sites and Services for Parents-to-be

As an expectant parent, creating a baby registry can be an exciting and rewarding part of preparing for your little one. Not only does it allow you to curate a list of items that you’ll need for your new arrival, but it also allows friends and family members to treat you and help prepare for your new bundle of joy.

When it comes to finding the best baby registry site, there are a few top contenders that often come to mind: Amazon, Target, Walmart, BabyList, and BuyBuyBaby. Each one offers its own unique features and benefits, making them all worthy options. We’ll take a closer look at each of these baby registry sites and provide a comprehensive comparison to help you decide which one is the best for you. And as the perfect complement to your registry, we’ll discuss Diaper Stash, the online fund for all your Pampers diapers and wipes.

Tips for Creating Your Baby Registry

Before we start weighing up your options for baby registry websites, here are a few tips to consider when creating your baby registry:

  • Start early and add items gradually as you research and decide on products.

  • Prioritize essential items such as diapers, wipes, bottles, and clothing on your registry. Diapers and wipes are the most essential items for babies, but parents often don’t add enough to their registry—and there’s nothing worse than being stuck without diapers! Further in this article, we’ll discuss creating a diaper fund using Pampers Diaper Stash to help ensure you’re well stocked up on all those diapers and wipes.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice from experienced parents when choosing products, or check out the best baby products as voted for by Pampers parents.

  • Consider registering for items in a range of prices to accommodate different budgets.

  • Consider registries that offer group gifting. This gives your loved ones the option of contributing towards a large item that might be quite expensive.

  • Check for discounts or promotions when choosing a registry site. Some may offer free samples when you register with them or a completion discount.

  • Do you have some loved ones who would prefer to shop in a physical store (brick-and-mortar)? If so, consider baby registries that have both online and physical shopping options.

  • Don't feel obligated to stick with one registry site, you can always use multiple sites for different items.

For more information on creating a baby registry, check out our baby registry guide and our helpful checklist below.

Best Baby Registry Sites

Finding the best baby registry for you can be quite a task, with each platform offering unique perks and considerations. Whether you’re looking for variety, discounts, user experience, or perhaps even somewhere you can shop in person, we’re here to help you navigate your options. Let’s explore our top five places to create a baby registry, in no particular order. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Amazon Baby Registry

As one of the largest online retailers, Amazon offers a vast selection of baby products from top brands. Their universal registry feature allows you to add items from any website, not just Amazon, making it convenient for parents who may prefer specific products from different retailers. Another perk of using Amazon’s baby registry is their completion discount, which gives parents 10% off the remaining items on their registry, or 15% off if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

  • Pros:
o   Universal registry feature
o   Starter Kit bundles available with diapers and wipes for your new addition
o   Large number of consumer reviews to help you find proven products. You can also use filters to search within reviews and make search easier.
o   15% completion discount and free welcome box for Prime members after adding 10 items to registry and spending $10
o   Delivery speed and ease, plus free 1-year returns on eligible gifts purchased by friends and family from your registry
o   Group gifting is available.
  • Cons:
o   Can be overwhelming to navigate due to the large selection
o   No brick-and-mortar store for those who don’t wish to shop online.

Target Baby Registry

Target offers a wide range of baby products. Their registry allows you to easily add items using their app or website, and they have a smart registry checklist that crosses off items as you create your list. They offer a completion discount of 15% for the remaining items on your registry.

  • Pros:
o   1,900 locations for those who prefer to shop in person rather than online
o   Easy to use online registry checklist
o   Completion discount of 15%
o   Free 1-year returns on your registry items
o   Free welcome kit (over $100* value)
  • Cons:
o   Doesn’t offer a universal registry
o   Only offers group gifting for existing registrants
o   Free 2-day shipping is only available after spending $35 or if you’re a RedCard member.

Walmart Baby Registry

Walmart has a baby registry feature that allows you to curate a list of items you’ll need for your little one. Walmart’s registry is convenient. They also offer free shipping for orders over $35, making it a great option for parents on a budget.

  • Pros:
o   Free 1-year returns on eligible items
o   4,500+ locations for those who prefer to shop in person rather than online
o   Free welcome box worth up to $40
o   Free 24-hour shipping for orders over $35
  • Cons:
o   No universal registry
o   No completion discount
o   No group gifting option

BabyList Registry

Babylist differs from the rest of the retailers on this list as it is not a traditional retailer, but rather an online baby registry where you can add items from any store or website. This feature allows you to have everything you need in one place, regardless of where the items are purchased from. Babylist also offers a 15% completion discount on items sold by BabyList.

  • Pros:
o   BabyList app available, including an interactive checklist
o   Universal registry feature
o   Comprehensive and streamlined registry process
o   15% completion discount
o   Group gifting option
o   Free welcome box after adding a certain number of items to your registry and making a purchase of at least $30 from your list.
  • Cons:
o   You pay a shipping fee on your free welcome box
o   No brick-and-mortar stores
o   Returns within 9 months on purchases made directly from the BabyList store.

BuyBuyBaby Registry

BuyBuyBaby is another popular retailer that offers a wide selection of baby products. Their registry feature allows you to add items from their website, plus they have good online and in-store support if needed. They also offer a completion discount of 15% and free shipping on orders over $49. Additionally, BuyBuyBaby has a “Favorites” feature that helps you keep track of your most desired items.

  • Pros:
o   Wide selection of products
o   Free welcome gift and a completion discount of 15%
o   Free shipping for eligible orders over $49, plus new and unopened items
purchased from your registry may be returned for a gift card within 1 year of purchase
o   Group gifting available on products over $100
o   Price analyzer available.
  • Cons:
o   No universal registry option
o   Limited brick-and-mortar store locations which may make it difficult to avail of certain perks or discounts. For example, the free welcome gift (goodie bag) is only available in-store.

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at each of these baby registry sites, it’s important to note that there is no one “best” option. Each site offers its own unique features and benefits, so it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs as a parent. It’s also worth considering using Diaper Stash alongside one of these registries.

Diaper Stash and Your Baby Registry

Diaper Stash makes an excellent complement to any baby registry. It gives you the freedom to receive contributions towards a diaper fund, and then purchase Pampers diapers and wipes as and when you require them. And Diaper Stash goes beyond birth—you can even continue using it as your little one grows. While a baby registry often includes a range of items for baby care, Diaper Stash focuses solely on one of the most essential and frequently needed items: diapers and wipes. Here are some benefits of using Diaper Stash alongside a baby registry:

  • Flexibility. With Diaper Stash, you have the freedom to choose the diapers and wipes you want, when you need them, catering to your baby’s specific needs at any given time.

  • Adaptability. As your baby grows, their diaper size and type may change. Diaper Stash prevents you from being stuck with a surplus of diapers that no longer fit your little one.

  • Continuous support. Loved ones can contribute to Diaper Stash over time, providing ongoing support even after your baby is born. You could use Diaper Stash for your little one’s first birthday or subsequent occasions.

  • Inventory control. Diaper Stash allows you to manage your diaper and wipes supply, so you only order when you need to replenish, reducing the risk of overstocking.

  • Convenience. With Diaper Stash, you are assured of having the right diapers and wipes when you need them, making it a practical and efficient choice for new parents.

Create your Diaper Stash today and let your friends and family know by adding a note to your baby registry, baby shower invite, or by sharing the link via socials. Simply create your Diaper Stash account, share it with your loved ones, and watch your funds grow as people contribute. With the accumulated funds, you can conveniently shop online or in-store for Pampers diapers and wipes. Learn more about how it works.

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FAQs at a Glance

1. Where is the best place to have a baby registry?
There’s no one-size-fits-all if you’re looking for the “best” place to have a baby registry as it largely depends on your personal preferences and needs. Retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and BuyBuyBaby offer a wide variety of baby products, while Babylist allows for a more universal approach, with items from multiple stores. Read our article to see the pros and cons of each, and discover more about Diaper Stash, a great complement to these registries, specifically catering to your diaper and wipes needs.

2. How early should you start a baby registry?
Starting a baby registry is an exciting part of your pregnancy journey and it's never too early to start! Some parents-to-be begin as early as the end of their first trimester. The key is to start early and add items gradually, giving you ample time to research, make decisions, and prioritize essential items.

3. Is there a universal baby registry?
Yes, a universal baby registry like BabyList or Amazon allows you to add items from any store. This gives you the freedom to pick and choose items from various retailers, ensuring you can select the products that best suit your needs and preferences.

The Bottom Line

The choice of the best baby registry is subjective and is based on your unique needs and preferences. Whether it's the vast selection of BuyBuyBaby or Amazon, the seamless process of BabyList, the return options of Target and Walmart, or the convenience and flexibility of Diaper Stash for your diaper and wipe needs, each option provides its own set of advantages. Remember that preparation is key to welcoming your new bundle of joy, and these tools are designed to make the process simpler and more efficient. So don’t hesitate to explore these options and find the best baby registry for you. With the right resources, you’ll be all set to welcome your little one into the world!

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